Slot Pan-Head Screw

Rust Free Stainless Steel!!

Good for Your Kool Vintage Mags!!

Fit EMPI 5&8 Spyder Mags or ANSEN Mags
or American Racing Torq Thrust

\1800-/set of 20
\1450-/Set of 16
Firestone White Wall Tires

15x5.60 Bias Ply Tires

Used But Lot of Tread are Left
Good Used Condition!!

\58000-/set of 4

Thanks Sold!!
Vintage Air Louvers for Air Conditioner

Aluminium outer Bezel & Black Vent



Thanks Sold!!
Genuine VW PopOut Windows
With Chrome Latches

fit 65&Later Type-1

Good Used Condition!!

*need new seals & hardware


Thanks Sold!!

Genuine VW OG US spec W-Bumper
Fr & Rr Set

Good Used Condition!!

Not MINT Show Condition
But Good Condition & Reasonable price!!

repainted Back side with Primer

\79000-/Fr & Rr Set

Thanks Sold!!
OG Speaker Grill for Type-1 Oval
Genuine VW
Good Used Condition!!


Thanks Sold!!

Room Light for Low Light Karmann Ghia
Made in Germany by HELLA

Good Used Condition!!
Non Crack on plastic Lenses
Good Chrome Trim

Very Hard to Find Parts!!


Thanks Sold!!

LUCAS Flat Lense Fr Turn Signal
Made In England

N.O.S. Very Good Condition!!

Good Lookin' for Early Style Callook!!
Very Hard To Find these Flat Lenses


Thanks Sold!!

Original EMPI 5Lug SprintStar Wheels
Mag Grey finish
15x5.5J & 15x4.5J Perfect Set!!

Very Good Condition!!
still has EMPI paper Decal!!

\180000-/set of 4

Thanks Sold!!

OG Ansen Sprint Mag Wheels
Large 5Lug 15x 5.5J

Very Good Condition!!

\220000-/Set Of 4

Thanks Sold!!

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