HELLA Back Light Assy
w/ switch, stay, wiring



Thanks Sold!!
Genuine HELLA Fluted Lense
for Pre 66 Type-1

Made In Germany


Thanks Sold!!
Genuine HELLA

note: for right side lane drive
HELLA Optional Back Switch
for pre66 T/M without Back Switch

Slip Into Speed Meter & Meter Cable
Good Used Condition.


Thanks Sold!!
N.O.S. Huf Key Cylinder with 2Key
for Type-1 67Only


Thanks Sold!!
WEBER DCNF rebuilt kit
for 4Bolt top cover

Made In Italy

\4800/ea OR \9000/pr

Thanks Sold!!
EMPI Custom Deep Dish Steering

Good Used Condition
chrome is good condition.
rim is split at 12 o'clock and 6 o'clock
original center button.
lack of one plastic harness cover.


Thanks Sold!!
backside pics
lack of one plastick harness cover
HURST trigger Shifter
Early "Copper" madel

used condition little pitted


Thanks Sold!!

OG HURST Shifter for Type-2

Not MINT but Good Used Condition
Little pitted on Trigger
OG black knob is Good Condition
Plastick Bushing is Tight


Thanks Sold!!
Genuine Porsche/Fuchs Alloy wheel
14"x 5,5J PCD130 x 5lug
Very Light Weight only 5kg each

Used but Good condition.


Thanks Sold!!
Good For K/G & Type-3
w/Lowered Fr End

Also Good For Bug & Bus
EMPI Custom Deep Dish Steering

not MINT but good condition
No missing parts


Thanks Sold!!
backside pics
64-65 Stock Steering

OG paint
Fit 60-73
not MINT but Good Used condition
also Good for Restore base


Thanks Sold!!
Little pitted on Chrome Trim
hairline crack on Crest

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